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  • Serena Kramer

Making Merry Messages: Etiquette for Holiday Cards

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Let's be honest — goodwill and etiquette never go out of style. Sending out holiday cards is like sending out thank you notes; it’s a gesture of goodwill that can go a long way to show your appreciation for those in your life.

Did you know? According to PR Newswire, 89% of Americans say that receiving holiday cards brings them joy!

6 Tips to Sending Goodwill in Style

  1. Separate professional and personal greetings: For colleagues, keep correspondence professional yet warm and personal. It’s still meaningful to send well wishes and authentically share your joy and gratitude with others. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so if you're not sure whether the person you're sending a card to celebrates the holiday, it's best to use a more generic greeting like "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings."

  2. Edit the card list every year: You can send cards to anyone, but you don't have to send them to everyone. If you lose contact information or don't remember their current address, it's okay to remove someone from your list. Additionally, if you never receive a card from someone on your list, it’s okay to delete them from your list as well.

  3. Include your own special message: While it's fine to use a pre-printed card with a generic greeting, it's more meaningful to add a handwritten message to make the recipient feel special. A handwritten message can be short and simple, but it should be authentic and sincere. A few thoughtful words can go a long way, and adding a personal touch to your card can really show how much you care. Take the time to craft a meaningful message that will have a lasting effect on the recipient.

  4. Address the recipient appropriately: If you're sending a card to an entire family, address it to the whole family, such as "The Kramer Family." When sending a card to a single person, address it to them by name.

  5. Embellish your cards: Consider including a small gift or token of some kind. A small gift like a gift card or a holiday-themed treat can be a nice touch, but it's not necessary.

  6. Be timely: Send your holiday cards early enough so that they arrive before Christmas, or the holiday being celebrated. When sending cards to people in other countries, make sure to send them early to allow for extra time for delivery.

Overall, the most significant thing to remember is to be thoughtful and considerate of the recipient. Your holiday cards are an opportunity for you to show appreciation for the time and generosity of your friends and family. Celebrate the season by reminding those you care about of what you appreciate most about them!


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