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Hey there, folks, it's me, your friend and host, 
Reporting some news that might leave you engrossed. 
There's a hacker out there who's causing some trouble, 
Posing as me on Instagram, bursting my bubble!

The account in question is a bit of a riddle, 
With handles like @juicy_scribble_. 
But don't be fooled by this imposter's disguise, 
Report and block them, don't let them rise!

If you see anything fishy, don't hesitate, 
Take action right away, don't procrastinate. 
And if you're wondering what else you can do, 
Spread the word to your friends, they might need a clue.

Now, I know dealing with this is not very chill, 
But together we can put an end to this thrill. 
So, stay vigilant and don't you fret, 
Together, we'll make this hacker regret!

Email sent!

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