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Located in Winter Park, FL • USA
but working Worldwide


Note: I am no longer active on IG. My calligraphy account was hacked on May 11, 2022. Despite 40+ attempts to retrieve my account via their video selfie method, IG has denied me. The hacker has changed all credentials including altering my photo. If you receive a message from me on IG, know that it is the hacker. I would never use social media to conduct business. (Additionally, I like to think I have much better grammar than the hacker.)

Can you help a girl out and report and then block the account? This step is very important, and it would help us all!

The hacker is currently using the
screen name @juicy_scribble_


P.S. For your own online safety, be sure to use a third-party 
authenticator app. Hackers can get around IG's built-in
two-factor authentication, which is why it helps
to use a third-party application.

Contact: Contact

Email sent!

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