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Doodler by day. Scribbler by night.

  • Online Faculty Professor at The Los Angeles Film School

  • Classical Pianist

  • Calligraphy Artist 



Bachelor of Arts: Advertising & Public Relations

University of Central Florida


Bachelor of Arts: Music

Rollins College


Calligraphy Artist: since 2017
Educator: since 2010

Communications, Advertising & PR: since 2001

  • LinkedIn
CV: Image

January 2017 - Present


Calligraphy by Serena

Armed with a stash of pointy nibs and a bathtub of bespoke inks, Serena brings the graceful art of copperplate calligraphy to life through fanciful flourishes and experimental illustrations for events and envelopes worldwide.

With a steady hand and creative moxie, she's brushed nibs with the biggest names from Versace to Jimmy Choo. Serena's mastery depends on unwavering precision, rhythmic motion and ink expertise rivaling a chemist. 


When she's not lettering lyrical lines, you can find her geeking out over handwriting with groups like IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting).

July 2018 - Present


The Los Angeles Film School

Serena is a trusted teacher guiding students through the jungle of advertising and branding in the Graphic Design program. As an online instructor, Serena's on a mission - to transform wide-eyed pupils into award-crushing creative crusaders. She rallies students to strategize, scrutinize, and visualize at the max level. Armed with real-world agency experience, she drops wisdom bombs and inspires out-of-the-box ideas through lively online lectures. 


Serena keeps her avid adventurers locked in, taking complicated concepts and making them click with her uncanny ability to spark "Aha!" moments, and every year, her proteges go on to dominate advertising competitions!

August 2010 - July 2018


Full Sail University

As a founding force, Serena Kramer helped architect an innovative online music production degree at Full Sail University. This rhythm renegade took aspiring producers on a harmony-filled hero's journey.


With infectious passion, she spun the virtual dials from Logic to Sibelius, crafting immersive interactive learning for melody, harmony, and rhythm mastery. Serena built and taught music theory curriculum, making complex concepts crystalize into catchy musical takeaways. Driven to make education rock, Ms. Kramer also channeled her advertising and branding knowledge and skills to make meaningful connections with students, and through building asynchronous tutorials, she gave her students an out-of-the-box education with a rebel edge.

Her mission was simple, yet mighty – equip students to conquer in the world of audio arts. Past pupils emerged with theory toolkits and tenacity to thrive, landing major production gigs.

May 2012 - January 2017


Float For Life

Serena Kramer plunged into preserving Florida's treasured waters as an eco-warrior PR pro for ocean advocate Float For Life. With creativity and conviction, she spearheaded splashy campaigns to spread their save-the-sea mission.


Armed with an arsenal of savvy communication skills, Serena orchestrated eye-catching branding, stirring videos, arresting graphics and more to rally her troops. She even composed an original anthem to soundtrack their online promotions.


But it wasn't all smooth sailing out on the big blue frontier. With an onslaught of strategic awareness boosters both online and at the beach, Serena made wave after wave, gaining major media traction and audience engagement. The crew even landed marine royalty Alexandra Cousteau as a keynote speaker to inspire beach preservation efforts.


Fueled by passion, persistence and a rebel spark, Serena stirred up a splash-proof ruckus so that every sea creature could thrive in a vibrant ocean home. This was her siren call to action - to incite real change across the tides.

2001 - 2012


Additional Experience

At Energy Multimedia, Serena took the advertising reins as Account Exec, using her intuition and insight into motivations to build client relationships, while also applying her love of meaning to conquer SEO campaigns with creativity and purpose.


Ms. Kramer also steered Elite Business Productions (now Red Rocket Studios) to Stevie award glory thanks to her knack for cultivating harmony and bringing out the best in people.


As a crusading community champion, Serena rallied the arts troops as Communications Specialist for the Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance - unleashing her natural empathy superpower and harnessing her passion for community growth. With her keen insights into human motivation, Serena inspired artistic collaboration through communications and multi-media campaigns. Her strength of vision and focus on the future empowered the community to unite through creativity.


  • Outstanding Faculty, Full Sail University, Music Production

  • Exemplary Service, Rollins College School of Music

  • 9-time Stevie business award winner

  • Outstanding Future Public Relations Professional, Florida Public Relations Association

  • Collegiate Scholar, Golden Key International Honour Society

  • LinkedIn
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