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Doodler by day.
Scribbler by night.

Innovative Educator and Artist

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Serena Kramer is a distinguished creative hailing from sun-soaked Florida. She's a multi-talented artist, an innovative educator, and musician.


Since her childhood introduction to the arts, Serena has embarked on a journey driven by a quiet determination. Her transition from a young dancer to a performer at Disney reflects her dedication and innate talent. Serena's academic pursuits, initially in advertising and PR at UCF, followed by a focus of music and piano performance at Rollins College, showcase her commitment to lifelong learning and growth.


But beyond these milestones lies Serena's talent in calligraphy, which she uses to create delicate works of art. Though her craftsmanship has garnered attention from renowned brands like Disney, Jimmy Choo, and Versace, Serena remains grounded in her pursuit of artistic expression.

Serena's meticulous attention to detail is a hallmark of her craft, manifesting in every stroke of her pen and every melodic note she plays. This dedication to precision infuses her work with a subtle elegance, distinguishing her as a beacon of excellence in the creative realm.


When she's not dropping wisdom bombs on her students, you can find Serena composing cinematic scores or cuddling her cavaliers. Serena Kramer is proof that passion, persistence, and grit will take you anywhere you want to go.

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