Serena Kramer is an American pianist and composer currently living in Orlando, Florida. 

Serena’s debut solo piano album, Invisible, celebrates the space between the notes. The intention behind this album is to hear the overtones sing, to hear the breath between the notes, as this is often where the magic happens.

"When I was in Barcelona in 2005, I spent quite a bit of time in the Picasso Museum. And then it hit me. I related to him, his process, and how he achieved cubism. He spent so much time on articulating such beautiful and stunning realism. Seeing his work in person made my heart melt. Picasso eventually broke convention and started removing "superfluous" elements, leading us into his art of reduction. Similarly, I found myself feeling the same way about music. After practicing complex classical pieces for so long, I found myself rebelling against the plethora of notes and fell in love with the spaces between them. I am also lucky to have an incredible piano tuner who is partly to blame for my artistic transition. After every tuning, I'd sit at the piano and just fall in love with a single note and its overtones."


Listen closely, and you’ll hear the crickets and crows from the outdoor wetlands in some pieces, the squeaks of the piano bench, the pedals thrusting, and the timbre of the room. Listen closer, and you'll hear gentle courage, vulnerability, strength, and resolve.


Serena started training in classical piano at an early age. She immersed herself in studying romantic composers such as Brahms and earned one of her degrees in music from Rollins College. Growing up as a competitive dancer energized her natural inclination to also create music for movement. 


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