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Doodler by day. Scribbler by night.

Wrought iron in Savannah, GA; Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College, University of Central Florida, Bosendorfer piano

Serena Kramer was born in Savannah, Georgia. After her family moved to Florida, she started studying classical piano at the age of nine where grit, patience, commitment, and perseverance quickly became her values. She also grew up as a competitive dancer, which exposed her to several genres to explore in music and movement. After completing her collegiate studies at the University of Central Florida in Advertising & Public Relations, Serena landed in the agency world, working on live event productions and strategic communications. To continue her deep dive into music studies, she also completed her second degree in Music at Rollins College.


Serena discovered the pointed-pen shortly after she started her new career as an instructor. For her, practicing penmanship, calligraphy, and the pointed-pen required the same grit, patience, and commitment she was already accustomed to. The pen became a second instrument.

For Serena, understanding the art of calligraphy functions on two levels. There is the elegance of the intersecting lines and ovals that resemble nature combined with the priority of legibility that creates a challenge to push limits while creating a unified expression. 


Serena has worked with clients such as EA Sports, The Walt Disney Company,  Jimmy Choo, Versace, Marriott, Kesler Hotels, Microsoft, and various advertising agencies to name a few. She continues to teach advertising and communications strategy all while exploring expression through the pointed-pen and piano.


Serena currently lives and works in Winter Park, Florida. She is currently working on building curriculum, composing music, calligraphy, and taking care of her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

"Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes." ~Z. Lazursky
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